Born in Canada, raised in New Brunswick,  married a wonderful man from Alaska, talk about one extreme to another ! We have lived in Alaska for the past many years.

An inspirational thought, " Photography is the pursuit of learning to see again" Robert Bresson. This expresses exactly how wildlife through a lens affects me. What really draws me to this vocation is the ability to see wildlife up close and in detail without infringing on the animal's space. The pure natural beauty of wildlife is art. Bringing joy and peace to my soul.

I used to see "birds", now I see white-crowned sparrows or sandhill cranes and know that  harlequin ducks exist and reside close by. My desire is to share the details, small and big, of what I experience with people that care to see. Not everyone has the opportunity or ability to experience these creatures in their natural habitat. 

The triggers that sent me down this path, fueling a passion for wildlife were; a photograph of a turtle and time spent swimming with turtles in Hawaii,  as well as when I was in Denali National Park in Alaska and seen a bear off in the distance and did not have a long lens.

Although I am Alaskan based, we do travel on occasion and wherever we go, photogrpahing wildlife is part of the trip, which will be shared on this page. Main page will be Alaska wildlife and albums will be of other states, provinces and so on.

I also love domesticated animals. I have a black German Shepherd and domestictaed welsh harlequin ducks and will be posting this aspect of life through the lens in albums.

This web page is new and still being fleshed out, if you see a photo you want that isn't available yet on marketplace (prints), just contact me and I’ll get it there directly.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Albert Einstein

"An animal's eyes have the  power to speak a great language."Martin Buber

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