Backyard Bird Blog

  1. Does it Matter What Colors You Wear ? Welsh Harlequin Backyard Duck Experience !

    2022-02-16 00:14:58 UTC
    I have Welsh Harlequin Ducks that I got as fertile eggs and hatched in an incubator. These ducks know me and come waddling as fast as their legs will carry them, whenever they see me. They call to me in loud quacks if I don’t come and give them a…

  2. Don’t Hate the Corvids !

    2021-10-09 20:43:55 UTC
    There seems to be so much hate and fear out there. I hear people saying they hate Corvids such as Steller’s Jay or Magpies because they will rob other nests of baby birds. Yes, they will. So will eagles, hawks, owls and such; that don’t get the kind of hate…

  3. Hide Away Ranch and Retreat, Bluff Dale Texas

    2021-06-21 19:22:21 UTC
    “Nature’s Beauty helps heal the cluttered mind” author unknown. We recently went to Hideaway Ranch and Refuge in Bluff Dale Texas. One thing about being a birder is that you find various species everywhere. We don’t have cardinals in Alaska and I was very excited to see a LOT of…

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